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Very nice new place; clean, well lit, family friendly, and best of all - Great Food.

The owner, George, is a very nice guy, who cooks up everything fresh, from family recipes.  He also does the baking in a fancy oven, right behind the counter.  Don't miss the home made baklava!  I found the food to be tasty, fresh, nice portions, and really good prices.  He also serves beer and wine, and nice espresso.  Hard to beat for value, quick service, and home cooking, all at a great price. Now that I know they're open until 9, I'll be back often.

-Steven M.

Wonderful meal. Great casual dining atmosphere. Outside tables to enjoy the summer weather. Delicious lentil soup and other excellent vegetarian choices plus chicken and lamb gyros. The owner, George is very friendly and very accommodating with an excellent customer service attitude. Would definitely come back!!!

-Sarah R.

We enjoyed our meal.  The hummus was particularly tasty. Hubby got the lamb, I got the chicken, and the sandwiches were lovely (especially when I put the hummus on the gyro).  Nice service, quick tasty meal.  We'll be back.

-Trail M.

I am very pleased with the quality of the food. Especially, the tzat" sauce, hummus, tyrokafteri and salads to mention a few. Alot of detail goes into picking, cutting, dressing and pairing to ensure it's taste. The ambiance is healthy with original "Greek" tunes, decorations and the Owner made foods. Its clean, spacious enough with friendly service. Prices are equitable for portions I feel. I am only looking to eat a great, satisfying, authentic meal not fill up and add on to the weight challenges. My family, friends and I are very pleased with the service, food, and authenticity of the place! I enjoy the authentic Greek music, sides and interacting with the Owner when I am there. I totally recommend it. Enjoy!!!

-Glenda C.


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